Monday, February 16, 2015

My Website Is Down - Thanks Internetters!

My website - - has been out of commission since Saturday, and my email through that account isn't working.

It's all down to my internet provider - - who have dropped the ball, big-time.

What makes it worse is that the people at Internetters don't work in the evenings or at weekends. That's right, they work 9-5 and don't answer the phone or reply to emails outside of those hours.

My website went down on Saturday morning and it's now Tuesday and Internetters haven't replied to any of my emails. It's the worst possible customer service to ignore a customer, right?  And I can't believe that in the 21st century an internet service provider thinks it's acceptable not to work at weekends. Do they think the rest of us just shut down on Saturday and Sunday?

Everyone who has emailed me through my website has been told that the account doesn't exist! Well, it does. And I'm in the process of switching everything over to GoDaddy, who are there to help 24/7.

To be fair, I never chose to work with Internetters. I was a client of a company called Skymarket, who were great. But they were acquired by Internetters a few years ago and I have had problems ever since, in  particular with my email.

Anyway, hopefully all will be well in the day next day or two. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 18 - My website is up and running now, courtesy of GoDaddy. Hopefully it'll be trouble free from now on.  My email is still not working, but hopefully will be sorted sooner rather than later.  I finally got a reply from Internetters. Apparently it's my own fault for sending multiple emails. I sent one a day, they say I should have just waited for them to reply.  Six days!  Unbelievable. If there is a worse internet provider out there I have yet to come across them.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

San Francisco Night Tops The Occult Chart

The new Jack Nightingale novel - San Francisco Night - is the best-selling Occult book on the Kindle in the UK at the moment. And the Jack Nightingale short story The Tracks is topping the Young Adults Short Stories chart.

I have self published San Francisco Night and you can buy it for the Kindle by CLICKING HERE

You can also buy it as a paperback by CLICKING HERE

I am planning a new Jack Nightingale novel in the near future and a run of Jack Nightingale short stories. Watch this space!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Cheap Deals On Spider Shepherd Full-length Novels

The wonderful people at Amazon have slashed the price of my Spider Shepherd novels to just £4.35 for three. That's close to 1,600 pages for less than a fiver,  less than £1.50 per book. The books are Soft Target, Cold Kill, Hot Blood, Dead Men, Live Fire and Rough Justice.

Hodder has published them in two eBook volumes and they are the cheapest way of buying the Spider novels.

You can buy the first volume BY CLICKING HERE  It has the full length books Soft Target, Cold Kill and Hot Blood.

You can buy the second volume BY CLICKING HERE   It contains Dead Men, Live Fire and Rough Justice.

I'm not sure how long they will stay at the special low price of £4.35. I hope for a long time!

Meanwhile I'm hard at work on the latest Spider Shepherd novel - Black Ops - which should be on the shelves (real and virtual) this summer.

I hope you and your families all have  great New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Jack Nightingale Christmas

All's well on the Jack Nightingale front. The two recently-published Jack Nightingale short stories - My Name Is Lydia and Tracks  are the two best-selling Horror short stories on the Kindle.

And the new Jack Nightingale full-length novel - San Francisco Night - is the best selling Occult book on the Kindle.

You can buy San Francisco Night for the Kindle by CLICKING HERE

I'm now working flat out on the new Spider Shepherd book - Black Ops. I've written 103,000 words so far and am on the home stretch. It should be in the shops by the summer.

And then?  I have a great idea for a new stand alone thriller. Actually I have ideas - titles and plots - for two, it's just a question of which I write first!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The New Jack Nightingale Novel

The new Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novel is now up and running on the Kindle and through Smashwords. It's called San Francisco Night and I think it's the best yet!

Here's the synopsis, or the blurb as they call it in the trade! Jack Nightingale fights his battles in the shadows – in the grey areas where the real world meets the supernatural. But when he arrives in San Francisco to take on a group of Satanists bent on opening a doorway to Hell, the danger is out in the open and all too real. The Apostles – a Satanic coven using murder and torture to pave the way for a demon to enter the real world – realise that Nightingale is on their tail. And unleash their own brand of monsters to take him down. With Nightingale’s life – and his very soul – on the line, he has only days to stop The Apostles from bringing death and destruction to the entire world.

I had hoped to have the paperback of San Francisco Night available before Christmas but the mother of the lady who is doing the formatting fell and broke her ribs and she has to take care of her so it isn't going to happen. I know some people don't have eReaders and others really do prefer the feel of a hardback and a paperback, but it looks now as if it won't be ready until the new year. I'm selling the eBook for just £2.99 in the run up to Christmas. It'll go up to its regular price on Boxing Day.

Why am I self-publishing it? Basically my publisher - Hodder and Stoughton - didn't want to continue the series but I did. They already have a five-book deal with me for other books (including the Spider Shepherd series) and didn't really want any more. My agent wasn't enthusiastic about taking it to another publisher so self-publishing seemed like a no-brainer. It's not as if I don't know what I'm doing, I've already sold well over a million eBooks!

Anyway, after just one day San Francisco Night became the best-selling Occult Horror novel on the Kindle in the UK, which was reassuring!

Will there be more Jack Nightingale novels? I'm honestly not sure.  We'll see how this one sells. The character will continue, of that I'm sure.  I am planning a run of Jack Nightingale short stories. I have already published Curse, Still Bleeding, Tracks and My Name Is Lydia.  I do love the character and Jack has reached the stage where he has a life of his own, pretty much, so I don't see that he will let me stop writing about him!

Anyway, have a great Christmas - you can buy San Francisco Night on the Kindle BY CLICKING HERE

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Terrific Amazon Discounts On The Spider Shepherd Collections

I've always been a big fan of selling eBooks cheaply. I was one of the first authors to offer novels for just 99p and as a result became one of the top-selling authors on the Kindle.

These days most authors - even those who used to complain about low prices somehow devaluing their work - can be seen selling their books cheaply.

A self-published writer can pretty much decide the price of their book, but from time to time Amazon steps in and offers discounts of their own. How or why they do it is a mystery, but it does mean that occassionaly there can be terrific bargains to be had.

That's the case now with two of my Hodder and Stoughton published books.

The first Spider Shepherd collection includes Soft Target, Cold Kill and Hot Blood. The second collection brings together Dead Men, Live Fire and Rough Justice.

The books were originally priced at £9.99, but over the last few days Amazon has slashed the price to just £4.35.  That means they are less than half price.  That means each full-length novel is being sold for less than £1.50. How cool is that?

You can buy the first Spider Shepherd Collection    BY CLICKING HERE

And you can buy the second Spider Shepherd Collection    BY CLICKING HERE